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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Updating your Verizon Galaxy Nexus ROM

This quick tutorial is for owners of a rooted Galaxy Nexus running the SlimROM custom ROM and are on Verizon (toro).  These steps may work for other devices running the same ROM, but I make no guarantees as this is written for a friend as a reference.

  1. Go to Settings > SlimCenter > SLIMOTA tab
    1. Download SlimBean by clicking the link (which will bring you to their website), select the most current OFFICIAL build (Slim-toro-4.?.?.build.?-OFFICIAL), and click the blue Download button.
    2. Go back to SlimCenter and click Download gapps.  On the web page, select AIO_Addons.4.?.?.build.?.?.   Again, click the blue Download button.
  2. Both of these files will show their download progress in the Notifications drawer.
    1. While these are downloading, open ES File Explorer
    2. Browse to the RootStuff folder I created.  If it isn't there, just create a new folder named RootStuff (or whatever you want to call it, as long as you remember the name).
    3. Delete any old Slim-toro or AIO_Addons zip files that are stored there.
  3. Once the 2 updates have finished downloading, they will be in your Download folder.  Select both of them by long-press, then cut and move them to the RootStuff folder.
  4. Open ROM Manager
    1. Reboot into Recovery
  5. In Recovery (use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select if you have not purchased the touch version):
    1. wipe cache partition
    2. advanced > wipe dalvik cache
    3. ++++Go Back+++
    4. install zip from sdcard
    5. choose zip from sdcard
    6. 0/
    7. RootStuff
    8. Slim-toro-4.?.?.build.?
    9. Once that is complete, it should bring you back to the RootStuff folder. If not, navigate to that folder again.
    10. AIO_Addons.4.?.?.build.?.zip
    11. Again, you should still be in the RootStuff folder once that is complete.
    12. +++Go Back+++
    13. +++Go Back+++  (at the bottom of the folder list)
    14. +++Go Back+++
    15. +++Go Back+++
    16. reboot system now
  6. Once your phone is back up, it will say that it is optimizing your apps. 
  7. Once it has finished (~5 min), you are done.
A couple of quirks:
  • I always have to re-download Google Search from the Play Store to get the search bar on my home screen to work and to enable Google Now.  I have submitted this bug report to their forums with no reply.  Easy fix though. 
  • Some apps when trying to update will give an error (triangle with exclamation mark in the notifications drawer).  Simply click on the error, which brings up the app in Google Play Store, and update manually from the store.
  • If you use Google Voice for voicemail (which I highly recommend), you should open the app to reactivate it after upgrading your phone.  Otherwise you may or may not receive notifications of voicemails automatically.
Let me know if you have any issues and I can update this guide.