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Monday, July 16, 2012

Troy - Week 2

This week has been full of activities: we've learned how to build a pizza and eat it with chopsticks, flown a helicopter indoors (the RC kind), visited the beach, gone to the pool, drawn stuff on the driveway, fixed the gas powered RC car (kinda), hiked Diamondhead, drove a train (see below), and sailed.  Whew! Yet there are so many more things to get accomplished.

Eating pizza with chopsticks:

Hiking Diamondhead

Driving his train:

These match his shoes now:

Drawing on the driveway:

Painting the cars:

Feeding Drew and watching The Jungle Book:


Didn't want to have his picture taken

Finally got one

Steering the boat

In order to try and phase out Troy saying "last morning", we made a meal chart to indicate yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  We think this will help him visually understand the time differences.

Troy really wanted his picture taken with the green strobe light at the Navy Exchange:

Playing with J.R.'s car at the pool:

The only sure way to make him fall asleep without a fuss:

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