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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Troy's travel and first day

We flew from Las Vegas this morning at 0830 and touched down today at 1225 in Honolulu. Troy was really good on the plane, especially compared to the crying girls sitting on the other side of the aisle from us. Here's a few pictures from today.

Eating his mixed fruit breakfast from Starbucks, and he just had to have some of my coffee too:

Waiting to board. They spilled jet fuel next to our plane so we had to wait an extra 45 minutes to board:

Puppy is ready to leave:

Amber greeted us at home with a box of cupcakes. Sugar, just what Troy needs ;)

Walking to the pool:

His super awesome floaties:

Drew hanging out:

All of us:

The boys watching Little Mermaid:

The boys talking to each other:

We plan to wrap up the day by grilling pork chops out back and having Amber and Adam (our Texan neighbor) over.

Location:Honolulu, HI

Friday, June 29, 2012

Las Vegas

I met my mom here today to pick up Troy. Here's a couple of pictures of our trip...
Bus ride from airport to hotel:

Followed shortly after by a nap on the bus ride from the airport to the hotel:

And then he was wide awake at the hotel, wanted to try on my sandals and watch movies and walk around and jump on the bed and... whatever else

After that we walked next door to the Flamingo hotel and casino. We saw birds, ducks, and fish, and mom got a cache:

We got some drinks. His was a strawberry coconut blended drink, hold the rum:

Then we took a ride on the train

Then we went to Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill. I had fajitas, mom had a Reuben, and Troy had a nap, from which he is still sleeping:

We had a fun and busy first day, and both of us are excited to get to Hawaii tomorrow.

Location:Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, NV

Sunday, June 24, 2012

'Aiea Loop Trail

Kate, Drew, and I spent Sunday afternoon hiking the Aiea Loop Trail.  It is about 4.8 miles round trip, with multiple spectacular views of Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and the H3 through the tunnel.  We were at 1200' above sea level at the start, hiked to 1575', down to 750', and then back up to 1200'.  This was an easy trail, save for all the mud and slippery roots.  Highly recommended!
'Aiea Loop Trail