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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Media Server - The Media

Now that the RAID is setup, ready to receive all sorts of media, now's the time to start populating it.

I will be using Transmission BitTorrent client to download torrents, TED to monitor for new TV shows, and MediaTomb to share this media to things on my network (computers, PS3, etc.).

Transmission comes with Ubuntu Desktop, so that's easy.  Just open it (Applications >  Internet > Transmission), go to Edit > Preferences.  In here, it's pretty self-explanatory.  I created a Torrents directory under /mnt/Media (My RAID partition), which has Downloading and Complete folders in it.  I've set Transmission to monitor the Torrents folder for new .torrent files, the Save To location is Complete, and Keep Incomplete in Downloading.  From here, TED will be configured to download .torrent files to /mnt/Media/Torrents.

Ensure that the Java Runtime Environment (jre) is installed using Synaptic Package Manager, then download TED.  Once it has downloaded, go to the folder and unzip it.  Delete the MacOS, Windows, and Sun folders.  Right click on ted.jar, and click Open With OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime.  Now, configure TED: Extra > Preferences.  "When ted finds a torrent..." browse to your .torrent location (ie /mnt/Media/Torrents), and select that folder.  Now TED will download the .torrent file, and Transmission will automatically download it.

For sharing, I am using MediaTomb.  You will also need ffmpeg and VLC to enable media conversion on the fly.  Synaptic Package Manager is the best choice for this.  Once installed, download MediaTomb (also via SPM), and then follow these instructions.


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