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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Media Server Update - (cont from Part 1)

To get the most up to date video output, I attempted enabling propriety drivers under System > Administration > Additional Drivers.  Once I rebooted, it took me straight to a command line vice the nice Ubuntu Desktop GUI.  My advice: do NOT use the drivers Ubuntu recommends (atleast while running 10.10 and with a GeForce GTS450 video card).

My workaround:
Download updated drivers from here to your home directory (~/).
sudo stop gdm
sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current
cd ~/
sudo ./NVIDI<tab> -a   (something like
startx  (or sudo shutdown -r now)

The ./ before NVI... is important, don't forget that or it won't run.  Also, if it won't run, try ls -a.  If it doesn't atleast say -rwx, then you can't execute it. So:
chmod 755 NV<tab>
Now try to run it again.

I got an error saying the pre-install script failed, would I like to continue?  I chose yes, clicked yes on all the other prompts, then "sudo reboot".
Once rebooted, the graphical desktop was back.  Not to say I don't like command line stuff.... I just would rather only use it when needed, and not for everything.

More trials and tribulations to follow.

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